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Welcome to Strategic Planning Consulting

Making an impact by enriching students' education and workforce experiences.

College Friends


  • Comprehensive Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

  • Holistic Workforce Development Supports & Training

  • Personalized Educational Guidance Counseling

  • Targeted Institutional Staff Development & Programming

  • Mindfulness/Meditation Services in the Treatment of Traumatic Stress (not specific to SPED)

Why Choose SPC?

SPC stands as a premier organization dedicated to empowering school systems, students, parents, and companies alike. We pride ourselves in offering an extensive range of educational services carefully crafted to foster growth, enable expansion, and drive development. Acting as a bridge between organizations, school systems, and education stakeholders, SPC ensures seamless collaboration across multiple facets of educational services.

Moreover, SPC goes beyond traditional boundaries by providing comprehensive workforce development programs and training opportunities. By harnessing the power of soft skills and employability training, we equip organizations, school systems, and companies with the tools they need to enhance their marketability. Through our unwavering support, all stakeholders can unlock their full potential and thrive in today's competitive landscape.

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